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Amity Electric LLC is a family owned and operated full-service residential electrical contracting and commercial electrical contracting company located in Douglassville, PA.

You can count on our experienced, professional electricians for all you electrical needs. From simple electrical work to a commercial project we do it all.

We have been providing superior electrical services to Berks, Montgomery, Chester and surrounding counties since 1999.  

Our demand for nothing short of excellence, regardless of the size or complexity of our projects sets us apart from the rest.  A successful project starts with the initial assessment until completion and satisfaction from our customers.  All work provided by Amity Electric  s in accordance with National Electric Code requirements.  Find out for yourself the next time you need any type of electrical assistance by calling Amity Electric for you free estimate today!


Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker?
    They both perform the same function, disrupting the flow of electricity when a fualt is sensed. A fuse will have to be replaced once it has tripped, whereas a circuit breaker won't need replacment. It is for this reason that circuit breakers are more commonly used.
  • What does the term "short circuit" mean?"
    When a wire carrying an electrical current comes into contact with te grounded conductor wire, or the equipment ground wire, excessive heat is created. If you see sparks in your electrical panel, you've likely witnessed a short circuit and you have it checkbe by an electrician.
  • Why is a GFCI outlet?
    This type oif electrical outlet is designed to protect you from electrical shock if moisture is present. They re commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor outlets and garages. They feature test/reset buttons. Depress the "test" button to turn off the GFCI. The "reset" button turns it back on after it has tripped. If it does not reset, you've got a problem and will need an electrician.
  • Is my electrical panel safe?
    An outdated electrical panel, often found in older homes, isn't designed to meet electricity demands of modern living. Todays family love their appliances and electronics. If our home's electrical panel is less than 200 amps, its' time to enter the modern age with an upgrade.
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